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The Highland Park Chamber of Commerce has gathered various resources from trusted sources, such as local, state and federal government, the Centers for Disease Control, The U.S. Small Business Administration and more in order to put together this page of information that can help you learn more about precautions you and your business can take, and what you can do as an employer regarding the spread and threat of the COVID-19 virus.

We want to remind everyone that the Chamber of Commerce is not a health official or government organization. Our goal is to share business resources and health information that is accurate and unbiased in a timely manner.

Below are resources for advice on how your business and family can plan for and respond to the virus. We will update this page as information is made available.

Overview and Monitoring

City of Highland Park | Updates
City’s response and community efforts related to the COVID-19 situation.
To receive the City’s E-news sign up at

WHO | Video Explainer
Video from WHO explaining what’s currently known about the virus

CDC | Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Summary
Updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracking the situation in the U.S. and the latest recommendations

CDC | Guidance for Businesses and Employers
Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers; Plan, Prepare and Respond to Coronavirus Disease. To prevent stigma and discrimination in the workplace, use the guidance on the CDC’s Guidance for Businesses and Employers web page.

CDC | Coronavirus Disease 2019 Information for Travel
Updated information about coronavirus  for travelers and travel-related industries

IL Dept. of Public Health | Preventing Disease Spread
Guidance for preventing COVID-19 spread in communities, with actions that individuals, businesses, organizations and government agencies can take.

All questions regarding health and wellness related to COVID-19 should be directed to the Illinois Department of Public Health’s hotline at 800.889.3931 or

Health Safety Advice for Home, Work and School

Business Resources

U.S. Chamber of Commerce | Resilience in a Box
A collection of resources based on best practices and designed to educate business leaders on disaster preparedness and business resilience. Focus on small businesses

U.S. Chamber of Commerce | Guidance for Employers to Plan and Respond to the Coronavirus
Strategies and tips to protect your workforce

U.S. Chamber of Commerce | Customizable Workplace Flyer
(Please open this file in the latest version of Chrome or Edge browser, or Adobe software, to customize.) To let your customers know that their health is your business’ #1 priority

U.S. Chamber of Commerce | Emergency Loan Small Business Guide & Checklist 
Concise CARES Act guide & checklist answers questions on eligibility, what lenders look for, and how much can be borrowed.

OSHA | Worker's Rights and Employer's Responsibilities
US Department of Labor OSHA standards

CDC | Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease
Recommended strategies for employers to use now

EEOC | Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace and Americans with Disabilities Act
Identifies established ADA principles that are relevant to questions frequently asked about workplace pandemic planning

FEMA | Emergency Response Plan
A 10 page document to help businesses identify the goals and objectives for the emergency response plan

SBA | Guidance for Businesses and Employers 
Comprehensive information regarding disaster loans, local assistance, planning, and SBA products and resources

SBA | Assistance provided to small businesses affected by COVID-19
The SBA is offering up to $2 million in Disaster Assistance Loans to small businesses

SBA | Apply for a Disaster Loan
Information on all of their loan types, and option to apply online for all types of SBA disaster assistance loans

SBA | Economic Injury Disaster Loans
Slide deck used in the SBA’s training webinars; includes info on eligibility, terms, requirements, etc.

SBDC | Small Business Survival Guide
The Small Business Survival Guide has 6 sections that are packed with information and resources: Reducing spread of the virus, Helping your people, Complying with federal, state and local guidelines, Calculating economic injury, Securing operating capital, Leveraging local expertise

Update to Small Business Emergency Capital as of March 26, 2020
The following is an overview of the programs available today and programs on the horizon. All businesses should be encouraged to apply for any program for which they are eligible.

An employer’s responsibilities under the Fair Labor Standards Act and under the Illinois Minimum Wage Law have not changed or been canceled by the COVID-19 crisis. Here is the info. (This information has been gathered by Kenneth A. Henry, Attorney at Law)

The Illinois Department of Employment Security has recently adopted some emergency rules to address many of the issues that are being raised by the Covid-19 virus. (This information has been gathered by Kenneth A. Henry, Attorney at Law)


State of Illinois

An impact investment loan program under which the IL State Treasurer would make up to $250 million in deposits available to financial institutions throughout the state, at near-zero rates, to assist Illinois small business and non-profits negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Offers loan and grant assistance to small businesses across Illinois, including hospitality businesses like restaurants and bars. Note: For Hospitality grants, deadline to apply April 1, 5pm.


Legal FAQs For Employers

Click on the image below for a comprehensive and regularly updated list of legal FAQs for employers on the COVID-19 coronavirus, assembled by Fisher Phillips.

Remote Working Tools

Some available remote working tools and IT providers to help you continue working efficiently from home. These resources are being updated continually. Please share any updates or requests for inclusion via email.

Safe Haven IT
847.338.1874 mobile | 847.594.3209 phone | 847.557.1306 fax |
Provides remote assistance to insure that your business network and employees are up and running and working remotely. They also offer different resources and solutions for accessing business networks remotely.

224-770-0070 (calls only)| 224-770-1707 | (calls, texts, FaceTime) |
Macnician is open for pickups and drop-offs at their Highland Park location.  They also offer remote, phone, and FaceTime Support for all Apple products.

List of Free Software and Computer Services
To assist a new wave of remote workers and get some publicity at the same time, many software developers and service providers have started to offer free licenses or enhanced versions of their software and services.

Grow With Google | Remote Work Hub
Resources and free tools and tips to help you or your teams work smoothly, even while working remotely or from home

Local Businesses

This list contains local restaurants, food and beverage providers, and other local businesses that have been deemed essential and are still operating at this time. It is not comprehensive, is subject to change, and will be updated as information is received. Please contact businesses directly for the most up to date information.

Also, we have put together a Facebook page for local businesses to add and share their info themselves. Feel free to contribute!

Likewise, the City of Highland Park has gathered together a list of businesses who, even if not open for business at this time, are offering gift card purchases for use at a later time.

You can find that LIST HERE.  

Abigail’s American Bistro (Curbside pickup & Delivery)
Hours: Tues-Sat 5PM – 7PM Limited menu available on website

Baker Boys (Pickup Only)

BBQ Pit (Curbside pickup & Delivery)
For curbside pickup, please call upon arrival. Delivery is available to all of the North Shore.

Bella Via (Curbside pickup & Delivery)
Hours: Open 7 days, 4:30 - 9:00 PM

BellaRu Catering (Curbside pickup, Carryout & Delivery)
Individual and family boxed meals may be delivered within Highland Park and nearby areas.

Bluegrass (Curbside pickup & Delivery via DoorDash)
Curbside pickup is available upon request when placing order; please call upon arrival.

Café Dacha (Curbside pickup & Free Delivery)
20% off

Coffee Speaks (Carryout and Free Delivery)

Country Kitchen (Carryout; Curbside pickup; Delivery)
For curbside pickup, please call upon arrival. Hours 8AM – 2PM

Curt's Cafe (Curbside pickup)
In addition to providing curbside pickup, Curt's Cafe continues it's 50% discount to seniors from 2:00 - 4:00 PM.

Dairy Queen (Delivery via UberEats & DoorDash)

Dunkin Donuts (Drive Thru & Carryout)
1990 Skokie Valley Rd & 1996 Second Street
Order-in restaurant for carry-out: Guests can still come into the restaurant and place their order for carry-out
Drive-thru service: Guest order thru speaker and pick up via window, without leaving their cars.
Mobile ordering thru the DD app: Pick-up directly from our mobile shelves inside the restaurant

Goodies, Etc. (Curbside pickup & Delivery for phone or email orders)
Order via email (, online at, or by phone.

Highland Pop (Curbside pickup)
Highland Pop is closed to walk-ins through April 14. Online ordering is available 24/7, with shipments sent Monday - Friday. Phone orders can be placed and paid for by credit card in advance. Order, drive-up and pick-up available Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Il Forno (Curbside pickup & Delivery)
Please call upon arrival for curbside pickup.

Jade Cafe (Curbside pickup & Delivery)
Please call upon arrival for curbside pickup.

JambaJuice (Delivery via GrubHub)

Judy's Pizza (Curbside pickup & Delivery)
Delivery is free. For curbside pickup, please call upon arrival.

La Casa De Isaac and Moishe Restaurante (Free Delivery & Curbside Pickup)

La Michoacana Ice Cream (Curbside pickup, Carryout & Delivery)

Love That Spice & Tea (Delivery, Curbside pickup)

Love's Yogurt and Salads (Curbside pickup)
Hours 2-9 PM Frozen Yogurt Only

McDonald's (Drive-thru, Curbside Pickup via McDonald's app; Delivery through UberEats and DoorDash)
Hours: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Michael's Grill and Salad Bar (Curbside pickup for phone & online orders)
Please call upon arrival; guests may pay by credit card over the phone.

Mizrahi Grill (Carryout, Curbside pickup & Delivery)

Norton's (Curbside Pickup & Delivery)
Please order ahead for curbside pickup, and call upon arrival.

NY Slices (Curbside pickup & Delivery)
Please request curbside pickup when you order, and call when you arrive. Delivery is available via NY Slices website, or via third parties DoorDash, Slice, GrubHub, and UberEats.

Panera (Carryout & Contactless Delivery)

Piero's (Curbside pickup & Delivery)
Delivery is available daily, 4:00 - 8:30 PM. Please request curbside pickup in advance, and call upon arrival.

Players Grill (Curbside pickup & Delivery)

Potbelly (Delivery & Curbside pickup)
Pick up Customers must call upon arrival

Ravinia Brewing Co. (Curbside pickup & Delivery)
For curbside pickup, please call upon arrival.

Ruby of Siam (Curbside pickup & Delivery)
Order online or by phone for delivery or curbside pickup. Meal Plans Available

Salt Creek Tacos (Curbside pickup & Delivery)
Order online for curbside pickup, please call upon arrival. Delivery is via DoorDash and UberEats.

Sweet Home Gelato (pick up or delivery)
Order by by DoorDash, GrubHub, or UberEats

Tamales...a Mexican Restaurant (Curbside pickup & Delivery)
Please call upon arrival.

That Little French Guy (Curbside pickup, Carryout & Delivery)
Orders can be emailed to, on the phone at 847 737 9680, by text at 847 737 9688 or with Doordash.

True Juice (Curbside pickup & Carryout)
Curbside pickup is available for phone orders; call upon arrival.

Viaggio (Pick up & Delivery)
Delivery through UberEats and GrubHub

Vin Chicago (Curbside pickup)
Please call upon arrival.

Yummy Bowl (Curbside pickup, Carryout & Delivery)

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